Outstanding lighting properties and environmentally friendly.

Mayko-Feuer – Bioanzünder – Zündling – Anzünder aus Holzwolle und natürlichem Wachs – Kaminanzünder – Grillanzünder


The natural firelighters burn for about 10 minutes. They make lighting very easy and convenient. It works every time – for your grill fire, chimney fire or campfire. There are no unpleasant smells.


They do what they are supposed to do.



Our natural firelighters are completely carbon neutral. They are made from wood shavings dipped in wax. They are ecologically- and environmentally-friendly, which makes them the best choice.


For the sake of our environment.



We manufacture our natural firelighters in the Volcanic Eifel. Every single firelighter is unique. The wooden firelighters are natural, handmade products that are free of any dangerous chemical substances. 


Manufactured in the Volcanic Eifel.


The most popular quantities:

39,90 € 2 3,99 € / kg
69,90 € 2 3,49 € / kg
29,5 KILO
89,50 € 2 3,03 € / kg

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