Neues vom Zündling: Alte Weiber im Sommer.

News from Zündling: Old women in summer.

The world still rests in the fog,
Forests and meadows still dream;
soon you will see when the veil falls,
the blue sky unobstructed,
the subdued world is full of autumn
flowing in warm gold.

With a bit of luck, we will soon be able to observe – and above all feel – what Eduard Mörike recorded in rhyme form in 1827. In the morning on the way to school or work it is almost winter-like, fresh and damp and dark. It clears up around midday. In the afternoon on the way home it gets too warm for the transition jacket and you find yourself wondering whether you should order the last ice cream for the year from the ice cream parlor. These days that look like autumn and feel like summer are just around the corner - and are not only known in Germany.

If we were to produce our kindling, the organic lighter for grills and fireplaces, in North America or Canada, we would rave about “Indian Summer” – and in English. If we had ended up in Japan, we would walk in the colorful deciduous forests after work and call it Momijigari - and spell 紅葉狩り without mistakes.

Now we are lucky and can produce the ignition in the Eifel. We are surrounded by forests and meadows. We are very close to “Golden October” or “Indian Summer” and are looking forward to the hopefully warm autumn weather. The typical high-pressure area also offers the rare opportunity to experience the ignition as a fireplace and grill lighter on the same day. Take the test. We certainly do.

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