Our organic lighter does what it's supposed to do.

The lighter burns for around 10 minutes. It can be used to light almost anything easily and safely - the grill, the fireplace or the campfire on the beach.


For the environment.

We use wood wool and wax. If the wood wool is burned, it produces as much CO² as the tree absorbed over the course of its life.


From the factory in the Vulkaneifel.

We make the lighter by hand in the Eifel – the Zündling®. Different packaging allows us to always offer the right unit.

Wood, wax & handcraft

The advantages at a glance


Our lighters are made exclusively from wood wool and wax. This makes them particularly suitable for fires in fireplaces, ovens and grills. Regardless of whether it is wood or coal – a lighter is enough to start the fire.

It's the inner values ​​that count - or: dipping instead of spraying.

In a special process, the wood wool is soaked in a bath of wax. In this process, the wood wool absorbs the wax into the interior. In this way, we guarantee a significantly longer burning time than that of comparable, sprayed products.

One hundred percent exemplary.

Our wood wool is environmentally friendly. This means that we only use wood from well-managed forests. In this way, we contribute to ensuring sustainable forest use. For the environment.

Vegan – the best way to grill.

Meat is your vegetable? Even if you don't want to go without the beef steak, registration with "The Vegan Society" guarantees that no animal products are contained in our lighters and, above all, that every production step is carried out without animal testing.

Our shipping is also environmentally friendly.

We are part of DHL's GoGreen environmental protection project. This allows us to offset CO² emissions. For every package we send, the amount of CO² produced is calculated in accordance with ISO 14064 and then offset.

Look for FSC®-certified products. For the environment. Our lighters are FSC® certified.

  • Our strongest organic firelighter.

    The Bangalo is an all-rounder when it comes to lighting. A special igniter for special challenges. It burns with a large flame for around 45 minutes.

    Click here for Bangalo 
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