Neues vom Zündling: Der Mann im Mond

News from the Zündling: The Man in the Moon

“First Man” is the name of the film that deals with the adventure of the moon landing in 1969. Ryan Gosling plays the lead role. He portrays the astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was the first person to set foot on the moon. The film, known in Germany as “Aufbruch zum Mond,” has sparked mixed reactions in America. Reason for the displeasure: The film does not show astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin spreading the US flag and attaching it to the lunar surface. For Ryan Gosling and others responsible, it was still the right decision to forego the flag. The moon landing was, first and foremost, a human achievement and not an American achievement, said Gosling. For the sons of Neil Armstrong, who died in 2012, the moon landing was “human and universal”.

We can only agree with Gosling & Co.'s stance. Pioneering spirit and innovative strength do not stop at national borders. They develop over years. The advances and missteps of scientists around the world build on one another - until one finally achieves a breakthrough.

One person who has made the breakthrough is Robert Frei. Robert Frei developed his rocket oven not far from Lake Constance. During operation, the rocket oven sounds similar to a rocket taking off. This sound gave the oven its name. This noise is fascinating and calming at the same time - which is probably one of the reasons why you want to constantly heat up the oven. For Frei, the focus of the development is on the properties that are necessary to use a wood fire to heat terraces, patios, gardens and courtyards. The rocket stove therefore burns smoke-free, odorless, independent of wind direction and weather conditions and with minimal flying sparks.

We at Mayko-Feuer are very pleased to be able to support this invention. Together with the developer Robert Frei, we offer you the “ignition material” for the rocket stove. We have found that the best way to light the stove is with a mixture of loose ignition wool and the "Zündling" bio-lighter. Once it's lit, you can use the oven to roast, grill, cook - or simply look at the starry sky next to the rocket oven outside and think of the adventures that are still to come.

All information about the rocket oven is available on the Internet at The “ignition material” package consisting of ignition wool and bio-igniters is available in our shop.

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