Neues vom Zündling: Die leiseste Fabrik der Welt

News from Zündling: The quietest factory in the world

Something great can come from a partnership. There are always these connections that are greater than the sum of their parts - and world history is full of examples.

What would Tarzan be without Jane? What would Schiller be without Goethe? What would gin be without tonic?

For our grill and fireplace lighters made of wood and natural wax, we found this partner in firewood from sustainably managed forests. Foresters and firewood dealers make an important contribution to our environment.

“The forest is the quietest energy factory in the world: wood is made from sunlight, water and earth. Today, more wood grows back in sustainably managed forests than is removed. This is just one aspect of many that speaks in favor of using wood as a renewable energy source - also as firewood for your own heating!" That's what forester Hans Eiber says in his book "Firewood" and we can only agree with this opinion.

No matter whether you heat, grill or simply enjoy the fireplace: with the "Zündling" organic lighters from Mayko-Fire and good firewood from the region you can create a natural connection. Just like Romeo and Juliet - only with a happy ending.

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