Neues vom Zündling: Maßgeschneidert.

News from Zündling: Tailor-made.

It is now not uncommon for the contents of the wardrobe to be replaced with the new, trendier pieces after just one season. Clothing has become a disposable product. Bought in the “SALE” with a discount code, used briefly and thrown in the trash. The reasons for this change in the way clothing is handled are varied. The trousers, shirts, dresses and shirts may look fashionable, but are often of such poor quality that they break after a few months and have to be thrown away. It's also no secret that many people can easily afford to throw away clothes after a short period of time. And saying goodbye isn't difficult. The next offers are already in the shopping cart.

Not so long ago this would have been unimaginable. When clothing was still the product of the tailor from the neighboring town and the fabrics were valuable, the pieces were created through conversations between customer and tailor. Regardless of whether just the trouser legs needed to be shortened or a Sunday suit was tailor-made, the focus was on the customer and their requirements. One shopping street that still celebrates this tailoring craft today is Savile Row in London. Savile Row is known for the men's clothing stores based there, which primarily do Bespoke fashion. The term Bespoke means that each item of clothing is discussed individually and individually with each customer.

No fear. We do not exchange wood wool and wax for needle and thread. We certainly don't want to get into the fashion business. We stick with the organic igniters. However, Mayko-Feuer also offers you tailor-made solutions, modeled on the Bespoke style of the London men's outfitters. Whether you need a hundred bags or a hundred pallets of lighters. We would be happy to advise your firewood trade, your stove construction or any other company. We will discuss the details with you. From the pack size to the type of packaging to the design of the label. Together with you, we make the organic lighters a product that suits you and your customers. Without compromises. Tailor-made. Inexpensive.

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