Neues vom Zündling: Scotty, beam unsren Grillanzünder hoch.

News from the ignition: Scotty, beam up our grill lighter.

Back in 2004, the United States Air Force commissioned a feasibility study on beaming. You read that right. The Air Force of America wanted to know whether teleportation was possible and could be used for military purposes. The study came to the conclusion that beaming is unlikely in the near future. It would take a lot of time and money to approach Captain Kirk and Commander Spock's means of transport.

Since it will probably take some time before we can send our grill lighters from the Eifel to the world without crossing the space in between, we have started looking for the second best shipping method. The choice fell on transport with DHL. Participation in DHL's GoGreen environmental protection project enables us to offset CO2 emissions caused by transport. For every package we send, the amount of CO2 produced is calculated in accordance with ISO 14064, a system for greenhouse gas accounting and verification. This amount is then offset by supporting both internal DHL projects and external initiatives. Through this compensation we want to make our contribution to climate protection. Climate-friendly shipping is part of our effort to be able to offer you high-quality and sustainable grill lighters with Mayko-Feuer products.

As natural as our organic lighter is the fact that you still don't pay any shipping costs for delivery within Germany. Invest the money you save wisely - for example in the album "Roswell" by Marteria. We particularly recommend the third song.

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