Neues vom Zündling: Unter uns Darwinsfinken.

News from the ignition: Darwin's finches among us.

Charles Darwin was an imposition to his contemporaries. It wasn't his marriage to his cousin and the resulting ten children that made him extraordinary in his time. It was his insights into how plants, animals and people developed. The world view, which had been dominated by religious views from the Middle Ages to Darwin's time, had to be completely redrawn.

After Darwin set sail at the end of 1831 and circumnavigated the world, he not only brought back thousands of pages full of notes from his observations. There were also some turtles, mockingbirds and, above all, a few finches from the Galápagos Islands in our luggage. Darwin recognized that birds, despite their different shapes and especially different beak shapes, were related species. These species were the result of a selection process. The birds that were best adapted to their environment prevailed. This natural selection led to the emergence of these species of finches - each specialized in a different way of foraging and consuming food. In this way, one also understands that the well-known image of “survival of the fittest” against the background of Darwin's theory of evolution in no way means the survival of the physically strongest. Rather, it's about whoever adapts best to their environment prevails.

When we think of Charles Darwin when we think of Mayko fire, he reminds us that we must evolve while paying attention to the needs of our environment. Specifically, we try to offer our customers the best possible product for their needs with the organic lighter. Wood wool lighters soaked in wax have proven to be the best solution so far. The “igniters” burn for a long time and ignite the fire in the fireplace, oven and grill reliably and safely. At the same time, we are aware of our customers' growing environmental awareness, which we particularly share. That's why we rely primarily on renewable raw materials in all production steps - right down to the packaging. When shipping, we try to achieve CO2 neutrality through compensation measures. Since we constantly monitor and improve ourselves, our products and our processes, our customers can always rely on having made the best choice with the “Zündling” organic lighter from Mayko-Feuer.

PS If it occurred to you while reading, the "Survival of the Fittest" principle applied to the current Corona pandemic means that those people who are coping best by vaccinating, keeping their distance and wearing a mask are the ones who are coping best adapt to the environment, then this parallel was not unintentional. We wish you a relaxing holiday and health and happiness now and for the new year.

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