Neues vom Zündling: Weihnachten in WhatsApp

News from Zündling: Christmas in WhatsApp

"Kling, Glöckchen, Klingelingeling, Kling, Glöckchen Kling" - When the text for "Christkindchens Einlass" was published in 1894, the telephone had already been patented for 18 years. However, it was out of the question to connect the Christmas carol text with the ringing telephone signal.
It's different today. There are now more than just smartphones in every pocket. Since 2009, WhatsApp has made it possible to send messages, photos and videos for free. And the WhatsApp bell rings often, especially during the holidays. Be it personal greetings to the entire contact list, funny GIFs or similar memes: it is not uncommon for the number of messages to reach three figures over the holidays.

Technology seems to have advanced so quickly that manners couldn't keep up. We can only hope that the word gets out soon: personal, sincere greetings are nice. Videos in which an animated cat in a Santa Claus hat recites a poem in the native dialect are unlikely.

We at Mayko-Feuer wish everyone a relaxed and contemplative time in the last days of the year, in which you reach for your smartphone less often and use your Zündling® organic lighter more often. Together with the closest family and with a fire in the fireplace, you can enjoy this special time and hope for a better year.

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