Neues vom Zündling: Zunder und Streichhölzer auf Englisch

News from Zündling: Tinder and matches in English

In the Brothers Grimm dictionary, tinder is described as follows: “[…]a loose, powdery mass of vegetable matter, which is made to glow by the spark struck by the stone. Since ancient times, this tinder has been made from certain tree sponges. But even older, and still common among simple peoples, is the use of queasy wood for this purpose.”

In times when the Zündling® has replaced tinder as a bio-lighter, the term can now be found in a different context - and in English. It's about Tinder. And the question of whether digital Tinder is also more common among simple people.

Background: Tinder is not available in the forest, but in the app store. Once logged in, you will be shown a person from the area with photos and a description. By swiping the photo to the right you express interest. If the other person is also interested in getting to know each other, you can exchange text messages using the chat function.

Until recently, Tinder was considered a popular pastime, especially among Generation Z, and an efficient way to get to know each other while minimizing the risk of rejection. Efficiency and risk minimization? Pretty rational. Pretty unromantic. And when things go badly, exactly the opposite of the hoped-for choice of partner happens. You can't commit. Because after every swipe, the even prettier, more trained, smarter, richer partner could be waiting. The number of users is now increasing steadily due to the effects of the corona pandemic. Interest in getting to know each other digitally is growing in almost all age groups aged 18 and over and among users with a wide range of educational backgrounds.

At Mayko-Fire we have a soft spot for everything that helps start fires. No matter whether in the fireplace or in the head. Tinder and many other dating apps cannot replace meeting people by chance in a café or club. But you can prepare it. In times of contact restrictions, the programs are a good tool - for passing time, for entertainment, for flirting or even for true love. If true love doesn't work out, it could be because of Tinder. But it is more likely that you were blinded when choosing the advertised firewood.

For anyone who wants to impress their Tinder date in front of the fireplace or at the grill, we offer the Zündlinge®. And for everyone else too.

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