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Rocket Furnace 'Fuel' Package

Rocket Furnace 'Fuel' Package

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The package consists of 4 kg of ignition wool and 2 kg of Zündling® bio-igniter.

Zündling® organic lighters and the ignition wool from Mayko-Feuer are made exclusively from natural materials. Thanks to the wood wool and wax, the products burn non-toxic and odorless - with a powerful flame and a long burning time. The bio-lighters burn for around 10 minutes. The use is therefore climate-friendly and economical at the same time - for the sake of the environment.

Our ignition pieces are FSC ® -certified.

Instructions for firing the rocket stove:

1. Open one of the two side flaps.
2. Place a igniter into the combustion chamber through the open hatch.
3. Ignite the igniter, close the flap and screw the knurled nut back onto the threaded bolt (tightening the knurled nut slightly is sufficient).
4. Take a handful of pellets, sprinkle the pellets into the pellet burner (these pellets will absorb excess wax from the loose ignition wool).
5. Take a handful of loose ignition wool and put the ignition wool into the pellet burner.
6. Lightly stuff the loose ignition wool into the recesses in the pellet burner.
7. Fill the pellet burner completely with wood pellets.
8. Ignite the ignition wool from behind by pulling out the ash tray slightly.

Video instructions

All information about the rocket oven is available on the Internet at .

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